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Dance Styles

Class Styles

  • Kinderdance  A dance class that lets your 3 -5-year-old explore the wonderful world of dance through their imagination and music. They will combine elements of movement, experimentation, coordination, ballet concepts, physical fitness, and early rhythm skills.


  • Combination Classes  We offer a variety of combinations of dance which will introduce your child to many forms of dance in a fun environment. A half-hour will be dedicated to each form of dance.


  • Tap is the most interactive form of dance. Your child will learn musicality while creating rhythms and music with their feet. Tap helps improve agility, timing, and coordination.


  • Jazz Your child will learn jazz technique, terminology and movement quality. Jazz is excellent for developing body control, flexibility and strength while emphasizing individual style and expression.


  • Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Ballet is taught in a nurturing and correct manner. Each level of ballet designates a level of attainment and a physical and intellectual grasp of the material being taught.


  • Pointe This class will be taken at the teacher’s discretion. Training in Pointe begins only after a strong comprehensive understanding of ballet technique has been developed and the feet, back, and legs are structurally strong. Students must also be enrolled in another upper-level ballet class.


  • Lyrical While blending together ballet and jazz, Lyrical gives the student the opportunity to increase technique and self-expression. Students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.


  • Hip Hop This class provides an age-appropriate experience of today’s most popular form of dance, trends, and music video moves. Classes available in beginner and intermediate/advanced levels.


  • Tumbling Basic tumbling skills such as forward and back somersaults, cartwheels, both one and two-handed, front and back walkovers and handstands. Those students with more experience may be taught aerials, flips, hand-springs, and more.



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